Saturday, December 30, 2006

Books to investigate: Máire Mullarney

My mother remembered her name, we searched Amazon, and lo and behold we have a copy of Anything School Can Do You Can Do Better (The story of a family who learned at home) (ISBN 0006369316) which I am reading with great interest. She used a lot of Montessori stuff - I really must investigate Montessori at some point - but found that her children were too far ahead to take advantage of Montessori schools when they were old enough to attend them.

(Another interesting thing that happened recently is that Linnea was spotted by Radegund reading aloud from a book of Oyster's. Apparently she was slowly reading the common words, a repeated phrase along the lines of "Yes, if you're not too [loud, hoppy]" etc. Now I need to replicate this somewhere I can observe it myself, but preliminary questioning indicates that no-one had read the book to Linnea in the time, so it does seem like she recognises some words, at least.

She'll be three in only four months' time.

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