Monday, March 01, 2010

Clutter, chaos, binning and binding

We have been trying, for, um, easily eight years, to declutter our small, overcrowded house. We're having a measure of success, too. But I think I accidentally got rid of our ringbinder mountain and possibly also the plastic pockets lake, and now I want them so that I can file the kids' work away in case I'm ever called on to have some.

This is relevant today because they both drew lovely diagrams on a little human figure outline I got ages ago when one of them wanted to draw clothing. Emer did a mouth, a line to show where food goes, a tummy, and a HUGE STRIPE to indicate ENORMOUS RAPID GROWTH, which is what happens when you eat food, you see. Possibly this is only cute if you are her mother, I dunno. Linnea did nose, and lungs. Not sure why. Anyway, there's those, and the amazing map Linnea did a while ago as part of her passport, and also some completed maths worksheets (though Linnea has also recently taken to doing them in her exercise book (I always want to say copybook) and also she ticks the answers off herself, no longer needing me to do that bit). So there's a little stack of Demonstrable Learning Stuff type stuff and if I don't put it somewhere I'll lose it.

Perhaps I should go into the attic and dig around up there, see what I find.

Also, the crank-operated pencil sharpener works brilliantly as far as the children are concerned, and if we could only stop smashing the sellotape dispenser that would too. It's really, really heavy, but the axle is prone to breaking. Oh - and hole punches are addictive. I had forgotten that, but of course I remember now... Not as addictive as the feeling of cutting one's own hair with nailscissors, though, as far as I recall. The scissors are still mainly out of unsupervised reach.

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Juliet Kemp said...

Hello -- was reading through because I've been having discussions/thoughts about homeschooling recently & remembered you as someone who does it (I'm julietk on LJ). The blog is v interesting!

Anyway: I am pretty sure that I am still myself in possession of a small ringbinder mountain & at least some plastic pockets. If you'd like them, feel free to drop me an email (juliet at earth dot li) & I could post them?

(This is not particularly altruistic of me, I confess; I would kind of like rid of them :) )

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