Sunday, October 02, 2005

Books: Free Range Education

Title: Free Range Education (How home education works)

Edited by: Terry Dowty

Publisher: Hawthorn Press

ISBN: 1903458072 (buy on Amazon)

I don't often mention books here but I really want to remember which HE books I read and which I like. This is a good selection of essays and articles by parents and children doing home education in various ways and under various circumstances; it has really brought home to me that doing what's most appropriate for one's own family is actually OK, no really it is, and I think I'll want to pick it up again later to reread for reassurance.

It does also have some practical information, such as how to fight the LEA if necessary and what groups you can join to meet other HE families, but I suspect I'll be able to pick that kind of info up anyway.

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