Sunday, July 05, 2009

BDCSF Badman Review: Going Solo

We've discussed it, and if the LA want to interview a child of ours alone, and the child doesn't want to, we will refuse. And as long as refusal seems to be the best thing for the child, we will continue to refuse.

If I believed that the solo interviews would be the best thing for any child, I would feel differently. I will do things which are very slightly harmful to my child for the sake of enormous greater good - like not attending playgroups when contagious, or getting vaccinations when my child is strong enough to withstand the illness should it arise, and so on. But I won't do things which are slightly harmful when there is no purpose to serve other than my personal convenience in avoiding a confrontation.

This is a fairly big deal for us - we're not boat-rockers, for all our activity in activist circles - but it's one of the few parental things where we are totally on the same page instinctively from the word go. And we've decided.

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emma said...

Respect to you.

Line in sand moment, isn't it?

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