Friday, October 16, 2009

So exciting!

I know someone who can read, Nea, Nea,
I know someone who can read, oh, Linnea love!

Linnea has been wanting to be able to read (as distinct from wanting to learn to read) for some time. But nothing I did to help her seemed to help. Then I discovered the pleasant but unchallenging Peter and Jane ladybird books and she was much less reluctant. Now we are doing a little bit day by day and she is definitely getting it.

She feels badly when she can't do it, when she isn't completely certain that she knows a word. She whispers them, or says them without breath in her voice so the word is inaudible. But as she gains confidence, using these books where she doesn't care about the story or what the book actually has to say, she is delighted with herself.

It is also possible that my good opinion no longer counts for nothing, but I'm reserving judgment on that; that really would be a sea-change.

But my first born daughter has discovered that her ability to read is a skill she can hone and improve, and she's taking pride in it.

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Radegund said...

SO exciting!

K, after much build-up, presented the Oyster with the cat sat on the mat the other day, saying, "If you can read this, you've basically got it." He read it, and since then he's been remarking every so often that he recognises this word or that. But he has a similar reluctance to leap in and say "I can do it" until he's sure.

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