Monday, August 09, 2010

Gender theory

The Health Visitor came today, to check Astrid's hearing. Linnea and Emer told her how old they are, of course, and so she said "Oh so you're in school!" to Linnea. "No," said Linnea, unhelpfully.

"Of course you're not in school NOW," said the Health Visitor, "you're on holidays!"

"No," said Linnea, unhelpfully, and a little crossly.

"We're GIRLS," said Emer. She's working on a theory that boys have to go to school, because most of the boys we see most often do, but girls don't. It's a good theory, and very logical, but her premises are flawed.

I decided to rescue the poor HV. "They're home ed," I said, "and Emer has been thinking a lot about gender."

"Yes," said Emer. "I hab a bulba."

"A?" said the Health Visitor.

"A BULBA," Emer said. Well, shouted. Clearly and distinctly. "Astrid hab a bulba TOO."

I translated; "A vulva."

"And THAT's why we're GIRLS," said Emer, triumphantly.

She started listing everyone who has a bulba. Emer, Linnea, Astrid.

The Health Visitor recovered from the shock and joined in, somewhere between willingly and desperately. "And Mummy!" she said. "Mummy has one too and she's a girl!"

"No!" said Emer. "Mummy's a WOMAN."


Shira said...

That is fantastic. I can't wait to meet your daughters. And you, obviously, but you're unlikely to list everyone you can think of who has a bulba.

hobbitbabe said...

My nephew was taken to the pediatrician for some kind of well-3yo checkup and developmental screening. He thought the doctor's questions were stupid ("Are you a boy or a girl?") so he mostly ignored them. Until she got to "And is Mummy a boy or a girl?" then he said scornfully, "NO! Mummy is a WOMAN." I'm told that Mummy barely resisted applauding.

Ailbhe said...


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