Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Still can't read. Except can. Maybe.

I'm getting better at not being invested in her ability to read, I think. Today she read a level two book (with two words from me, both of which I heard her read earlier.) And she read I have no idea how many to "the twins," that is, the four-year-old and the baby, who lie on the floor Being Twins.

Also, she popped up and said "I'm Emer's age and half the same again, by the way," and popped down again. No idea why.

Thing is, the weather is glorious and today is not a good day for us to be locked into the house reading about these ridiculously named families.

(Mind you, I've been reading Diana Wynne Jones "Spellcoats," and that family is even MORE ridiculously named, so who am I to talk?)

Edited at 19:38: She just read a Level 3 book to me. I think we need more of these.

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