Sunday, January 09, 2011

Peering and painting

I've started painting. I had a bit of an emotional crash, and realised that I need to make sure I attend to my own mental health so that I can be properly available to the children, and so I bought an easel.

So the children and I have been using water-based oils on canvas, watercolours on proper watercolour paper, etc. Oil pastels on heavy watercolour paper was popular too.

Also, they've been interested in the little microscope, and I keep finding it out places, where they're been looking at nectarine leaves or citrus peel or a friend's split hairs or something.

And they're reading to each other a lot.

Oh, and counting and using numbers.

And preparing food; Emer is getting very good at chopping bell peppers for bolognese.

Somehow it's all working, even though no-one has had much interest in Five in a Row for a little while. It will be interesting to see when that rekindles.

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