Monday, February 28, 2011


I can't help but feel we ought to know what these are but Emer is four and she was delighted that they came up and she could remember planting them. It's time to plant all sorts of things now. As soon as we're all over our bug, I'll break out the compost, flowerpots etc. We have plenty of seeds.

Edit: I thought they were crocuses but then doubted myself terribly. Now I think they might be again. Hm.


k425 said...

They look like crocuses to me too

Ailbhe said...

I think it was just lack of confidence because I'd given an automatic answer, really. Googling for crocus pictures shows me a lot of flowers like these ones!

Theresa said...

Definitely crocuses :D

Rivka said...

Yep, those are as crocusy as ever was. :-)

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