Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did. Did not.

  • Get everyone dressed.
  • Get two of three children outdoors for at least ten minutes (told them about babies dying of rickets).
  • Helped one child plant basil and bake scones.
  • Helped another work through a Marks and Spencer maths workbook. It has nice shiny stickers.
  • Cooked apple and cinnamon pancakes for lunch.
  • Dragged third child indoors covered in mud when the rain went from "heavy" to "torrential." I love toddlers but I don't want her to swim over the garden fence and away.
  • Combed plasticine out of one child's hair, using oil to get the last bits out.
  • Put two children in the bath (we never have one person using a bathful of water, ever, I think)
  • Got kids to put their stuff away, a bit. Clean laundry, anyway.
  • Had toddler nap at a useful time.
  • Showed toddler "C is for Cookie" on YouTube.
Did not:
  • Do anything at all before noon.
  • Go out and pay library fines, deliver things to charity shops, collect prescription
  • (Related) did not take meds
  • Go out to home ed group, because we did nothing before noon because of all the after-midnight activity in this house
  • Defenestrate anyone
Altogether a win day, really.

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