Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Read Me

Today we were in town with friends, sitting in a cafe, reading books and drinking overpriced trendy beverages. Linnea's OTB was an "innocent" brand pure-fruit smoothie, and she read the label aloud to me for my entertainment.

"There was a Nea who went on a train a-day and with her Mammy and -"

And my friend interrupted her to say "I don't think it says that, Nea, does it?"

To which I can only respond (hours later, of course, because that's how it works): "I can't imagine how anyone would think she did think that. And if she did, I can't fathom why anyone would feel a need to correct her. She's two-and-a-third-years-old."

But this particular friend does correct. I remember when Nea was 14 months old she pointed out a triangle ("chi-angle") to me. I was delighted. My friend corrected her. "No, it's a cone."



nicole said...

It's interesting. My mother, who taught reading to special ed kids for 38 years, told me that I always did what 'Nea does. Tell stories like I was reading. She isn't sure when I actually started reading. One day the story I was "making up" and the story in the book were the same. My mother thought I'd memorized the book, and gave me the NY Times where upon I said that Nixon had left the White House, and Lo and Behold! I was reading!

Maybe your friend doesn't have a ton of kidlet experience?


Ailbhe said...

Who knows?

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