Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Accepting the concept of Death

We have had a very educational few days - terraforming, biodomes, space travel, rockets, fuels, gravity, spacesuits, diving suits, desert plants, evolution, infinity, the lot.

Because my eldest child, who is almost six, has fully and completely grasped the implications of DEATH. It is unacceptable to her, and she insists that humanity figure out a way to solve the problem - and she has also latched on to the problem of a population without death, which can easily be solved with interplanetary colonisation, you see.

But under all the talk of space, which we are partially doing because we as adults find it easier to cope with than addressing her actual fears, because we are cowards, there is the basic horror of death.

And I don't know what to tell her. Because she knows what death is, and doesn't accept it.

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