Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dancing diggers

My usually supportive mother wanted to know what videos of ballet-dancing diggers had to do with real life. I pointed out that the diggers, the drivers, the dancing and the film crew were real.

I learned this week that Emer thinks that the American flag is all the wrong colours, and Linnea can identify on a fairly normal projection of the world map all of Greenland, New Zealand, Africa, Australia, Sweden, England, Great Britain, Ireland, The Bit Of Ireland That England Owns, and Japan, but isn't totally sure about America. The whole continent/country thing seems to be a sticking point, and she's confused by the size, or lack thereof.

Still, she colours a mean flag.

Emer's was more interesting, though. And I really, really want a 28-32cm globe, preferably the kind that talks when you poke a pointer at it.

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