Monday, November 15, 2010


It was just me and the children today, so without self-consciousness, I was able to speak French cheerfully and confidently. I remember far more than I thought. I wonder what my accent is like? It feels better when there's no-one listening critically to me.

We're reading about Bleriot, you see, and it's a very amusing book and just plain works far better read in English with all the surrounding stuff in French - I can't remember how to spell in French, though, so I can't write it out here. Bonjour, and Voici various things, and give me this and go here and que est-ce c'est (which I really, really am not sure of spelling) and the day of the week and a bit of Eurovision thrown in. I'm going to try to find a youtube video of La Plume de Ma Tante but I have no idea who sang the song I can almost but not quite remember.

I had a lot of fun, and the children appeared engaged and excited, especially by the man who made his own aeroplane and flew it from France to England in the time it takes to do one swimming lesson at the pool.

Then we went swimming.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Sutton does a song called something like "Ceci n'est pas une chanson," which includes long paragraphs of I-learned-it-in-French-class phrases.

The chorus translates, in part:

This is not a song, it's just a way to make money.

The song I found by googling the title is NOT the song I mean, alas.

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