Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Suddenly wondering

Do other people's home educating methods seem far more attractive than yours? Do other people's children seem far better-behaved and better-educated than yours? Do other parents seem more patient than you, other homes cosier and less squalid?

Or is it just us?


KnittyFlitty said...
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KnittyFlitty said...

It really isn't just you!! All other parents seem to manage better than me, do education better than me, housework better than me! Their kids are nicer than mine, cleaner than mine, learn more than mine, are more creative than mine, do more than mine!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not just you.

Emma said...

Definitely not just you. I read blogs and their kids seem to be doing so much more home ed than us, which at the moment isn't hard anyway lol. Very envious of some of their nice clean tidy houses though.

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