Friday, March 25, 2011


Time like now when I'm alone
I think of passing time
The everlasting afternoon
From when I was a child

The endless summers drifting past
The days rolled out like dough
The time to play and sleep and be
That every child should know

And time like now when I'm alone
I look back through our day
And I can see that sometimes we
Can use our time that way

This morning there was building
And tickling on the floor
And opening the parcels
The post brought to the door

This morning there was dancing
And someone sang a song
And breakfast and a comic book
And hanging laundry wrong

This morning there was washing clothes
And washing dishes clean
And making messes, wearing dresses
Drawings of in-between

This morning there was sunshine
And wiggling toes in grass
This morning reached this afternoon
And took sun-hours to pass.


More than Just a Mother said...

You're very clever - I'm useless at poetry. I loved this and it really fitted the sunny day we've had today.

Mamafour said...

'days rolled out like dough' - perfect. I loved this!

Laura LittleStuff said...

oh, how incredibly evocative of a sunny day at home with a small. I felt like I was there with you.

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