Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not a bloggy week

I haven't even opened the laptop much.

My eldest child is reading voraciously - comic strips still, and little Usborne or Ladybird fact books. My middle child is keen on gardening, and things are coming along nicely there. I sprained my ankle failing to fall onto my youngest child, though I did have to drop her to achieve even that. We visited grandparents and adult cousins, and were visited ourselves in turn.

I've been really tired, probably because of low-level pain, and I feel a need to get some sort of plan together to prevent myself from slacking off with the child involvement after Easter. I've ordered a bigger swingset and a bunch of books, mainly for the children but including "Raising your spirited child" for myself. Just to see. Also another 35 litre box for Lego storage. And Rob has ordered me my very own Lego set - a house I've failed to build to my satisfaction using what we already have.

I want to start Five in a Row again, at least offer it to the four-year-old. And I'd like to make sure we do some art every day - though they draw every day, we don't always do Proper Art, messy stuff, and we all miss it. And I'd like to read to them in a more structured way, now that I have at least one child who will ALLOW me to read to her and one who can't stop me. And there are sundry little things I want to do - we're growing our own food a weeny bit, and we might bake again, but they do at least cook with us a lot, but I'd like to make them a sun-oven and bake bread in it, and use the water-butt to make a garden sprinkler, and show them how to build a tap (faucet for Americans). It's not appropriate to show them how to build a fire at the moment, there's nowhere reasonable to put one. Perhaps we can make candles, though.

I also need to order more maths workbooks. I'm not sure what though.

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