Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A month?!

No-one would have believed it a decade ago but I have hardly touched a computer for weeks. I haven't opened the laptop for well over a week. The battery was so flat I thought it might be broken.

But I had to Freegle some stuff yesterday so I needed the laptop today to arrange collections.

And what are we doing?

Well, we have a new kitchen. The baby is ten months old. The garden is springy and the big girls are doing amazing things.

My eldest is reading voraciously. She's a rereader for comfort, as I always have been, and ploughs through four hundred pages in an afternoon if the text is familiar. The middle child is painting up a storm and several rainbows, lots of houses, etc, and cutting all sorts of brilliant shapes out of paper. The baby today took the globe part of our small-globe-on-a-stand and put it carefully on top of an empty margarine tub, then picked the lot up and showed it to me.

And I am seriously considering making either terrifyingly pretentious or very cool art. I can't tell which it is yet.

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