Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Operation "be a decent parent" is go

I started the day in a foul temper and screaming. Well, not started, but one mockery-and-taunting from a disobedient child was enough to get me there, when usually I can act like a grownup.

However, I wrote out a recipe for French Toast and Linnea did almost all the lunchmaking - I handled the hot frying pan, and Emer cut up the bread, but Linnea found the ingredients and utensils, mixed the lunch, etc.

The list of ingredients she got was as follows:

Bread - 2 pieces per person
Eggs - 1 per person
Milk - 2 tablespoons per egg
Oil - enough to fry in

She argued a bit about whether Astrid counts as a person, then figured it out and measured everything up. She didn't even make that much mess, by comparison with some grownups I've cleaned up after. It was a roaring success and we'll do it again.

Dealing with her querying what is healthy and what is not is harder. She also asked me "What foods make you fat?" to which I could only answer "Nothing makes me fat, I don't have the kind of body that gets very fat."

I also searched the online library catalogue with her and we've requested seven books which I expect will be waiting for us next time we go.

And we all did a bit of yoga, after our respective fashions, and that was ok.

Hairbrushing hasn't happened yet though. I kind of dread that one.

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