Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Growing Potatoes

We had fun growing potatoes this year. We haven't finished yet - there's another bagful to harvest - but so far Emer and I have set seeds potatoes out in the sun to harden up the eyes, planted them, earthed them up, kept them watered, gently harvested the first batch with fingertips in the soil, pulled up the whole thing a week later for the last few, and examined the plant afterwards. Emer was very taken with the shriveled ex-potato surrounded by roots covered in tiny weeny baby potatoes.

I've already put us on the list to do it again next year. It should remind me to buy more potato seeds too, because growing them in bags is brilliant for me - we can just harvest a bagful when we want to, and we'll always know where they are and how many are left. And empty bags fold down for storage, of course.

Emer was impressed by sieving flour. I wonder what she'll think of sieving compost, come the autumn?

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