Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where are we at, educationally?

It's hard to say. Today we harvested potatoes, and began making a costume for a Roman soldier, and I introduced Linnea to the concept of a radius and a compass (though, as with most of my maths-doing life, I didn't have a compass and I used string and two pencils instead).

Linnea is a confident reader and has that thing of mispronouncing a huge range of words because she's only ever read them at breakneck speed and never heard them spoken. She still prefers to read only NICE things though, not SCARY things.

I don't know where she's at mathematically; I vaguely intend to see if she'll do some workbook stuff sometime soon. She's perfectly capable of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but I've only tested it in context, not when it's fairly abstract. She likes fractions, as written-down-numbers; they're quite cool. Concentric circles are also cool. And weighing out a 30g portion of Rice Crispies was educational.

Emer is beginning to read a very little, but only a very little. She's confident at counting and all sorts of number manipulation up to ten, but a lot less confident up to twenty. I haven't a notion which shapes she can name.

Astrid today said "Down!" when she wanted to get down. And she's almost walking. She stands there, not holding on to anything, and tries really hard to lift one foot without unbalancing - then she decides that's IMPOSSIBLE and stops trying.

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